The story behind Goodbye Letter



“It became clear to me after the papers were filled that my friends husband was not changing his mind, he was not coming back to her and the kids. I remember repeatedly telling her, ‘he is going to continue this destructive cycle, just not with you.’ I had a co-write set up with Jennie Riddle and Jack Doyle. I went to the cowrite with this broken hearted woman on my mind. I wanted to see her reach down and obtain the strength to move on. I took my thoughts and a melody and we all wrote a song that day that accomplishes just that. ‘Goodbye Letter’ was not written for those who aren't happy in their relationship; this is not permission to get out. No, it was written for those who have been punched below the belt by betrayal. A hurt that cuts deep like only infidelity can. It was written to build up after they have been torn down and give courage to move on and live again. I listened as my friend shared enemy accusations. I listened to the harassing questions, ‘why would my husband cheat and leave me?” I listened to the lying conclusions, ‘Maybe I wasn't pretty enough… exciting enough…’ and a bunch of destructive should-haves. We prayed. We cried. I spoke Truth. We do not excuse sin...we forgive. I hope this song brings resolve and hope to those wounded by abuse, infidelity and abandonment. I believe the best days are still ahead for my hurting sisters.”


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